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How does Xplore Technology relate your business and mobile based marketing activity?

Smart Phones have become a necessity of our daily lives; According to Google study, Smart phones have radically changed consumer behaviour. Smart phones provide consumers with availability of information related to a particular product or service real time including pricing, availability, and offers. Smart phones broaden the overall shopping experience along with beautiful fit, to point user friendly user interface. Smart shopping attains a whole new level with the help of mobile platform. A particular business can be found when it's needed to be found.

A Google fact study also reveals that 57% of the smart phone users search on their phone every day. 59% of them are directly related to product information and rest can be considered as looking for services like travelling, hotels, spa and other recreational activities, 96% of the users have researched a product or a service on their phone. 94% of the users have searched for local information, 90% has taken action on a result.

Offline ad exposure leads to smart phone search terms, for ex. LCD tv can be looked up in store to compare real time prices and offers pertaining to a particular product. 61% only look at the 1st page of mobile search results while conducting a search on their smart phone. The first page of mobile search results is the key.

Xplore Technology assists companies in identifying mobile opportunities related to their specific industry. We provide solutions for mobile optimized sites based on Android, I Phone, I Pad, Blackberry platforms. Kindly fill the quick contact form to know more how we can be of assistance of mobile marketing for your specific product or service.

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